it's too strange, really,

while copying concerts from one hard-drive to another one
accidentally I saw the word "Aerosmith"
and recognized that I hadn't listened for it for at least six months Оо
and, of course, I listened some songs
oh, some nostalgia came
then I came across the Guns N'Roses
it was...
it was...
it was TOO nostalgic!
... yesterdays ... welcome to the jungle ... sweet child o'mine ... november rain ...

great feelings
a lot of emotions
heart teared in half

tre tre tre bone

I was finally "killed" with the song of the last album "Chinese Democracy"
it's "street of dreams"...

from 1:50 till 2:16 the voice of Axl Rose is practically the same as Roy Khan's one!
really! it's to amazing!! and excessively similar!! *_*
tre tre tre

it's my favourite song at least for today

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